Eng. Mohammed Majid Kholousi
Consultant Engineer - Certified International Arbitrator

  • Former President of Engineers Association - Egypt
  • Certified International Arbitrator
  • President of the Arab Arbitration Center
  • Author of more than 63 books in construction and constructions including: 
  • Soil Mechanics and Foundations
  • (Mosque building and style) was awarded the best book award for 1998 
  • The architectural encyclopedia of one and ten parts 
  • Principles of Perspective Drawing (Best Book Award 2003) 
  • The basics of measurement, how to build your dwelling at the lowest cost and many more
  • Lecturer of the training courses of the Arbitration Chamber of the Union of Engineering Associations
  •  in Islamic Countries
  • Member of the Board of Directors of the Arab Bureau for Design & Engineering Consultants
  • Member of the Board of Directors of the Arab Center for Arbitration
  • Participate in arbitration in more than 100 engineering disputes as arbitrator or selected arbitrator 
  • He participated in the design and implementation of many engineering works in Egypt and the UAE
  • Arbitration in more than 30 architectural competitions