Who we are

SAYAL  is a service consulting firm based in Yanbu, but its reputation exceeds its area. It is known for its widespread reputation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia reflecting the highest a full image of professionalism in the field of engineering consultancy.The company provides its customers with a range of quality engineering consulting services in various sectors such as: buildings and structures – transport and distribution – environment and safety – construction equipment – project management and construction – water and energy – geology and geotechnical engineering – roads and tunnels – oil, gas and petrochemicals. The local, regional and international markets are up to date with international standards and adopt the most innovative methods of engineering work around the world through an integrated team of engineering experts. SAYAL  also cooperates with offices and engineering companies in specialized sectors so as to provide a unique service to our customers. SAYAL  Services is an ideal embodiment of customer desires and a safe bridge to raise their concerns and develop their projects.


Our Vision

 We aspire to be one of the leading pioneers in engineering consultancy. We also put the following visions in our list of priorities:

 to transform theoretical data into applied projects and field experiences. This vision stems from the constant need to innovate and formulate creative ideas

and transform them into concrete achievements. We draw the paths of creativity within our minds and then formulate them in a smooth way and turn them into real projects.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to promote the services to achieve optimal embodiment and accompany customers.

from the first step in the implementation of the project until reaching the stage of full satisfaction.

Therefore we are working on offering continuous support to customers and keep them informed about the progress of projects.

We monitor the customer’s need and take advantage of his role as we understand his concerns and establish our relationship with customers

to improve the work quality get strong bridges of trust and communication between us and the clients.

Our team includes a highly academically and intellectually qualified talents. Sayal is a mark of excellence.

Our Values

SAYAL is not just a traditional provider of services. Our company is committed to abide by the terms of the agreement and the implementation of the initial conditions for the purpose of project dedication and perfection. We are distinguished by a set of values ​​that make us unique to regional and international services:


Our services are distinctive because they are based on creativity and innovation, and we build our projects on exact knowledge and this made of Sayal an attractive environment for customers and employees.


We value customers’ need for support and that’s what we embody through customer care and support.


One of our values ​​is to open the way for localization and exchange of experiences in addition to supporting safety, environmental protection, social responsibility and the work environment.


We are an integrated team of experts and our services are characterized by the spirit of integrity and justice, teamwork, quality, and respect for time.

Our Goals

SAYAL is not just a limited-scope company but a cohesive network of closely interrelated services that make it a solid company

in which projects are integrated to produce the highest results. Sayal’s objectives include:

Continuous and fruitful communication with the clients and their awareness and education to expand the customer base and comprehensive coverage of projects.

Provide solutions that combine speed and efficiency in our areas of specialization and diversify alternatives for customers to obtain high quality services.

Comprehensive development of services and periodic update.

Approach all customer categories and open up constructive dialogue with them.

Opening new horizons for dealing in the fields of engineering in the Arab world and expanding channels of communication with our customers in a way that ensures that they can get the best service in the shortest time.

Chief Executive Officer's Message

The practical reach of the Kingdom’s aspirations through its comprehensive vision in 2030 requires the presence of giant engineering companies that bear the technical and engineering footprints of the experts, providing professional, high quality and international consultancy services can ensure optimal implementation of projects, serving citizens and customers and aspiring for a positive future. Based on this vision, we have been working as a leading consultancy in the field of engineering consulting in our geographical area. We provide professional services in accordance with international standards and customer satisfaction is a starting point and goal. We strive to educate the customer and move smoothly and flexibly from the stage of thought towards the stage of actual application. We offer the widest choice to our customers and bring them all new in our areas of specialization.

Eng / Abdul Salam Salem Shokr


Senior Executives

Yousif Jayid Al-Hujaili

Chairman of Board of Directors

Abdulsalam Salem Shokr

Chief Executive Officer

Mohammed Ali Alshahrani

Executive Vice President for Administrative Affairs

Mohamed Hussein Moawad

Executive Vice President for Technical Support Services